A Guide to Buying Furniture For Your First Home

Buying your first home is a big step and the process can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. On top of paying an enormous deposit for the house, you need to furnish the entire thing too. Lucky for some people, the home they buy may have furniture leftover from the previous owners, however, this isn’t always the case. This blog post should help make furnishing your first house a bit easier with a few tips and tricks.


The first step is figuring out exactly what it is you need to buy. If the previous owner has left any furniture for you or if family members or friends are giving you anything then that is a bonus, if not you will need to start from scratch. 

You need to create a list for every room, in priority order, putting things you can’t live without, at the top such as a bed or sofa and then at the bottom of the list you can add things that aren’t necessary but you would still like, such as bedside tables and living room lamps. You can then work through this list ensuring you have the things you need first and if you have money left over you can get the extra bits too.


Creating a feasible budget is extremely important. You need to establish what your budget is before you start spending it all on one piece of furniture only to then realise you can’t afford everything else. There is no harm in wanting to spend a bit extra on certain products like a luxury mattress but just make sure that once you spend money on that, you will still have enough left to furnish the rest of your new home!

Shop Around

Exploring your options is extremely important when you are on a budget. Since you will need everything, a lot of places will do bundle deals if you buy multiple products together, which is often ideal for kitchen items and soft furnishings. Shopping around to see where the best deal is, is definitely a good idea. 

Even if you have bought a bundle of furniture items from one shop, that doesn’t mean you should buy them all off from there. Take a look around at big brands, independent shops or you may even find some amazing pieces from a charity shop too.

Spread it Out

After paying the deposit for your home, as well as any solicitor fees and sometimes stamp duty, your funds may be running low. You may want to just renovate your house as cheaply as possible at first, this may mean buying second-hand furniture, cheap flatpacks or upcycled pieces for the time being. Another option is buying the furniture that you really want over a longer period of time, this is a great option if you want expensive items like a luxury sofa or expensive oven. Living with the bare minimum and working your way up when you are in a better position is sometimes the way to go.

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