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Home Interior Design Trends in 2018

Looking to transform your home this year? Well, you’re in the right place. So what does 2018 hold in home interior design trend? Here are our top thoughts and predictions for home decor trends to keep up with in 2018.


1. Colours

This year, colours are key in your home, ranging from rusty browns to warm reds and earthy yellows. Offset them with orange, terracotta and green, and be bold with your use of indigo or scarlet. Neutrals are still around but grey is joined by muted shades of sage, olive and mustard. The good thing about these is that you can use them as a blank canvas for your own imagination. Check online sites and blogs for ideas to make your own unique statement.

Industrial has combined with Nordic, which had to happen soon, given the craze for all things Scandi. The Scandinavian influence has led to an enthusiasm for darker wood around the house, and this includes kitchens. Brighten mahogany cupboard doors by adding handles in either primary colours, copper or gold. Use pale shades to soften traditional white or to cool down strong colours, or alternate deep and pastel fronts for units. Get the new patterned look on cupboard doors, or embrace the craze for all things Moroccan with the addition of mosaic tiles and splashbacks, wooden worktops and gold pendants. Anything with a hint of the East is right on trend at the moment.


2. Patterns

In fact, patterns are making their stamp on every room, whether it’s ethnic, tropical or botanical. Fabrics sporting large designs sit among others embellished with tiny repeats. Hang boldly-splashed curtains next to pretty flowered wallpaper, or if that’s too busy for you, throw an exotic parrot-print cushion on to a plain sofa. Add bright palm or pineapple artwork that will stand out against neutrals and bold shades alike. Alternatively, choose living additions such as large-leaved variegated plants, chunky cacti, or intricate and delicate palms. For a more discreet effect, stick to calmer colours on furnishing but add an individual touch with key items to catch the attention of guests – a leopard-skin print cushion against grey, perhaps. Go one further and catch the trend for tactile textures by using faux fur!


3. Textures

Texture is the other big story for 2018, and patterning is an important part of this, woven into textiles, worked in cane or added as macramé, appliqué and fringes. Fringing is a fun way to personalise your home, whether it’s hanging from lamps or being utilised in a more conventional way on bed covers, cushions, throws, tablecloths and wall hangings. Attach tassels as well as, or instead of, fringes. Geometrics of all shapes and sizes sit alongside herringbone, while terrazzo colonises the floor once more. Marble and soapstone are warm materials, mottled and variegated in infinite variety and shades. This year, they’re getting away from their more usual habitats of kitchen and bathroom, and taking up residence throughout the home in smaller forms. You may not have thought of teaming organic matter with metal, but try it – it really will enhance the best qualities of both. A marbling effect can also be carried over to fabric or wood, so the possibilities are endless, especially if you’re going for the rustic look.

Soft velvets are back, with living room suites and curtains likely to benefit most from this treatment. Gold or metallic legs will stop them feeling like a throwback to the seventies. Leather is always a practical choice, and this time it’s trending for bedroom extras like headboards. Once you start, you’ll come up with myriad other textures, materials and surfaces. Think canvas, muslin, wicker, wood, wool – and keep thinking. Concrete is less organic, but hardscaping has increased its usage from floors and worktops to furniture and pendant lamps, and it’s well worth checking out. Metals are still big for the coming months, but now they are matt rather than shiny. Copper has been joined – and possibly upstaged – by brass and gold. Employ them for mirror frames, lamps and other accessories (glass is perfect), and pair with muted colours and natural materials such as marble, to cool their flaming qualities. Alternatively, accentuate with animal prints and faux fur, or embellish with fake jewels, glass beads and dangling crystals. Plants can soften metallic edges, which in turn will dramatise foliage. Look beyond your feet at iridescent carpets, and continue the theme on walls, coupled with pale shades like lilac.



It seems there is something for everyone this year, and we think it’s going to be an exciting time to transform your home. If you have any questions or would like to take a look at our products, please feel free to get in touch via 01733 553 565.


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