Rented Property

Make Your Rented Property Even More Desirable!

The previous tax year recently came to an abrupt end earlier this month. Did you have everything prepared? Whether there was a lot of worries involved or not, why not start the new tax year in style?

As a Landlord, it can be immensely important to keep up-to-date with the maintenance of your rented property. Although this ranges from the heating and general condition of the property, it also includes many other components, such as carpets and furniture. Keeping on top of everything helps keep your property in excellent condition, and creates a living space that your tenants would enjoy living in.

Here at Millwill Furnishers, we stock a large range of great value for money items, perfect for Landlords looking to create a more modern atmosphere and enhance the design of a rented property at competitive prices meeting within your ideal budget.

If you have recently noticed the carpets in your rented property beginning to fade away and lose their flare, it might be time to invest in new carpets. We currently have a large collection of carpets in stock and on offer right now. To view a short-list of our carpets on offer, view our Special Offers page.

Our showroom is stocked with a large range of furniture and carpets that allows our team to provide many unique styling options to suit your individual requirements, perfect for use in Buy-to-Let Properties.

Whether you have an existing tenant living in your building or would like to attract new tenants. Investing in new carpets and furniture is a key element that can drastically improve the style and perception of your property. At the same time, it can increase the likely-hood of finding new tenants.

The team at Millwill Furnishers understand the need and desire to restyle a property with new carpets and furniture. This is one of the key reasons why Millwill Furnishers offer free local measuring services and provide free local delivery directly to an address and day convenient to you.

For quick and easy solutions to your carpet and furniture needs, visit our showroom located in Peterborough, just 2 minutes from Peterborough Station. Alternatively, call us on 01733 553 565 or use our online contact form to send us a message. If favoured, please feel free to complete our callback request form in just 3 simple steps.


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