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Vinyl vs Carpet

Here at Millwill Furnishers, we sell a wide range of carpet and vinyl flooring. With such a selection of flooring available it can sometimes be difficult to determine which best suits your needs. That’s why we’ve created this rundown of the benefits and drawbacks of carpet and vinyl so you can decide which is best for you.


Depending on the room you’re thinking of, your immediate thought may be to go for a carpet. Carpets are one of the most common flooring materials in homes, particularly in bedrooms and lounge areas and with good reason. Carpets are a good, all-around, option for your flooring and come with numerous benefits, but there are also weaknesses to this type of flooring.


Warm – Carpet is an excellent insulator and can help to keep your room warm. The type of carpet and underlay that you choose will impact the amount of heat retained, so it can sometimes pay to go for a thicker material.

Feel – A thick wool carpet underneath your feet can add a feel of luxury to a room. If the rest of your room’s decor is luxurious and high-end, your carpet choice can really help to finish off the look.

Safety – Carpets are generally non-slip and provide sure footing even when wet. This makes them ideal for offices, homes and schools. On top of their anti-slip qualities, they also provide a greater level of padding, compared to bare floors, which is ideal for those prone to falls.

Traps Allergens – The fibres of a carpet are good at trapping allergens such as pollen and dust which helps to reduce the amount in the air. This makes them ideal for hayfever sufferers as long as they are cleaned regularly to remove the allergens.

Cost – There is such a wide range of carpet options that there is an option to suit every budget. From expensive wool carpets to cheaper synthetic materials you’re sure to find an affordable option.

Noise – As well as being a good heat insulator, carpets also act as noise insulation. The padding of the material and the underlay helps to reduce the amount of noise transferred. This benefits both your neighbours and the other occupants of your building.

Sound Proof Carpet


Stains – The absorbent qualities of a carpet, although good for mitigating slips, means that its stain resistance is generally quite poor. If, however, you pick a darker colour, stains and marks will be less visible and this is, therefore, less of a problem. With regular cleaning, carpets are generally a suitable option for all settings except those with high footfall or those exposed to a lot of liquids e.g. a home with young children or pets.

Maintenance – As alluded to above, maintenance is more significant with a carpet. A carpet typically needs more maintenance than other types of flooring, such as vinyl. Carpets require cleaning to remove the ingrained dirt and are generally more labour intensive to vacuum. This means that they aren’t as well suited to high footfall areas and may not be suitable for homes with animals.

Professional Installation – Fitting your carpet isn’t generally a task that can be done yourself. You will, therefore, have to contact a professional to handle this for you adding to your expense.

Wine Spilt On Carpet


Vinyl flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice for a lot of domestic and commercial customers due to its robust qualities and cost-effectiveness. Vinyl flooring styles have evolved greatly in recent years, meaning that it appeals to a different type of audience. Vinyl is no longer just for bathrooms, kitchens and healthcare buildings. It is now a viable, stylish, choice for other rooms in your home and business.


Low Maintenance – Vinyl is incredibly easy to keep clean due to the fact that it doesn’t cling to dirt and hair. With vacuum cleaning and mopping you can keep your vinyl floor free from visible dirt and debris.

Water Resistance – As well as being resistant to dirt and debris, vinyl also doesn’t absorb water. This means that any spills can easily be cleaned up making vinyl great for entrances to commercial properties and also ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

Stain Resistance – Staining is also very rare with vinyl. Typical stains are the result of a combination of moisture and dirt. Vinyl’s resistance to these makes staining very rare and generally only results from exposure to chemicals.

Personalisation – Part of the rise of vinyl can be attributed to the personalisation options available. Vinyl is no longer a dull, drab material. It’s now available in a massive range of colours and styles. It’s even possible to get vinyl that mimics wood and tiles, offering a cheaper alternative whilst still giving a premium look.

Affordable – Despite the introduction of more luxury vinyl products, it’s still generally a cheaper flooring option.

DIY Installation – If you already have the perfectly flat base required for vinyl and you are a competent DIYer it is possible for you to install your own vinyl flooring.

Mopping Vinyl Flooring


Tearing – Whilst vinyl is generally hard wearing it does have the potential to tear. This generally only occurs when dragging a heavy item across the floor, so isn’t that common but it is something to be aware of.

Can’t Be Repaired – If you are unfortunate enough to have your vinyl rip there’s no way to repair it. This means the whole floor must be replaced. This is less of a problem if you elect to use vinyl tiles where individual tiles can be changed instead.

Flat Floor – Vinyl flooring requires a perfectly flat floor to be installed. This means that if your room has floorboards or an imperfect base, work is required before you can have the vinyl fitted.

Attention To Detail – Although vinyl can be installed by a competent DIYer, meticulous attention to detail is required to ensure that the pattern (if you have one) and the seams match up perfectly. It is therefore not advisable to install your floor yourself unless you are confident of your ability.

Torn Vinyl Floor

As we have established, vinyl and carpet both have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. Which is right for you will depend on your intended purpose and also your budget.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to determine which option is best for you. To discuss your flooring further or to browse an extensive range of carpet and vinyl visit us at Millwill Furnishers. You can find our address here or contact us on 01733 553 565.

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