Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming: Is Your Home Ready?

Cold weather is fast approaching! This usually means many of us are more tempted to stay indoors where it’s warm and dry, and what better way to make the most the weather and the time spent in your home by transforming areas of your house with new furniture or flooring?

Transforming various items of your current furniture in your home is a perfect way to help evolve and revolutionise the look and feel of your home for help making the time spent there much more desirable. We currently have a wide range of both new and used quality furniture items available, please feel free to pop into our showroom, we’d love to have a chat and try to find something that you’ll adore. Whether it’s a new wardrobe you’re after, or even new drawers, table, bed, sofa, desk, our helpful and friendly team can help.




You may have even began noticing your carpets beginning to fade, or possibly interested in replacing tired and ageing furniture? Our 10% discount offer for cash sales relating to floor coverings and accessories means you are able to prepare your home in preparation for the Winter months. To find out more about our current discount offer please feel free to view our discount page. We also currently have a wide range of products on special offer which you can browse here.

If you would like to find out more about our carpets and furniture for your home, please feel free to pop in (directions here), or alternatively please feel free to call via 01733 553 565 or send a message.

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