Carpets vs Vinyl: Which is Better For Me?

Carpet has been around for hundreds of years, whereas vinyl is fairly new, a lot of trying and testing has gone into them to get their quality to be where it is today. After many years of developing both materials, they are now extremely versatile and great options for any home. However, despite them both being great options, they both have their own advantages and disadvantages. This post should help you weigh out the two and decide which one is right for your home.



Both these options can come in so many different colours and patterns, however, when you choose carpet you may have some limitations. You may have to choose between more colour choices and fewer patterns to choose from or visa versa, this is due to the technology used. On the other hand, vinyl flooring has the ability to replicate other materials extremely well, such as wood. Although wood and other designs made by vinyl are amazing ways to get the look of luxury materials for cheap, some people prefer the look and feel of carpets as it may come across as more cosy.

Durability & Maintenance

Clean Carpets

Dirt and dust on the carpet can be vacuumed very easily, however, spills and stains won’t be so easy to get rid of as they will settle into the material. On the other hand, vinyl can be cleaned extremely easily and most of the time it won’t stain, as long as you clean the spillage as quickly as possible. Another great thing about vinyl is that it can hide traffic lanes as well as a lot of foot traffic. This does not apply to carpet and as well as this, it can get crushed very easily by heavy objects.



Noise should be something everyone considers when getting flooring and luckily both of these materials qualify as great options. Carpet is more well known for noise cancellation but vinyl also has similar sound reduction abilities when it is fitted with an underlay. Although vinyl is still a great option, carpet is usually the go-to when people want to make their house more soundproof.

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