4 Ways To Save Money On Your New Carpet

When it comes to making your home as welcoming and as comfortable an environment as it can be, something that you shouldn’t underestimate is the impact of a great carpet. It’s not necessarily something that your eye first goes to in a room, but it’s the anchor of your space’s decor and for that reason alone it deserves to have a good deal of thought put into it. Of course, the larger the room is that you have to cover, the more you’re evidently going to have to spend to achieve the level of decor that you desire.

From choosing the right materials and patterns to making sure that your choices fall within a suitable budget range, there are lots to consider when it comes to carpeting the important rooms of your home. Here are some great ways that you can save money on a new carpet.


1. Choose the Right Material

It’s important to take into account all of your individual circumstances and requirements when choosing a carpet material. Is this going to be a temporary fix? Are you planning on moving in the next year or so? Do you have pets or small children running around the house? If any of these match your lifestyle, then you could save a lot of money by choosing a carpet made from more affordable materials. If you’re in the midst of the constant threat of untidiness from small children or naughty pets, then selecting more affordable and synthetic materials could be the perfect option for you. Synthetic materials tend to be cheaper and are also much easier to clean.

As an added alternative, if you’re looking to dazzle your visitors and build a wondrous atmosphere in your space, then choosing more luxury alternatives could be the ideal choice for you. It’s vital to visit a store in person to first see the selection of carpets available with your own eye. This way you can catch a glimpse of what you prefer and ensure it’s within your budget.

2. Offcuts/Discontinued Lines

There is no rule in the carpet buying “book” that states you have to select from the brand new catalogues that contain all of the most luxury, newest and possibly costly choices. If you take the time to search and are brave enough to ask, the majority of carpet stores will have offcuts, remnants, or old stock section where you will be able to find discontinued styles that could be more affordable than newer items.

This opportunity can be particularly fruitful for someone who is only seeking to cover a small area with carpet, perhaps a studio flat or just a single redecorated room in their home. The downside to this option is that there won’t often be an infinite supply of each design, meaning you can’t cover a large area, nor can you immediately replace in an emergency. If you don’t mind taking those risks though, then opting for offcuts, remnants, and discontinued lines can be a fantastic money-saving venture. It’s also worth asking a store if they have any special offers on a particular choice of carpet.

Living Room

3. Bulk Buy

If you’re carpeting an entire house, you can often conserve money by opting for the same style and underlay throughout the entire property. Some carpet sellers might begin to give further discounts for bulk buying, so if you aren’t particularly fussy about having different styles for separate rooms, then a bulk-buy discount could be something that could be an exceptional decision.

4. Itemised Quote

Before you make a final decision about which carpet to go with, it can be useful to get an itemised quote (if the store hasn’t previously) on the cost of the entire process, and not just the value of the carpet itself. It could save to shop around for a store that has the most reasonable extra charges and fees. It’s not just the cost of the actual carpet that needs to be considered – there’s installation too.

Carpet Store

In Conclusion

Ultimately, by following our tips above, hopefully, you’ve become a more qualified carpet buyer to help save money. If you have any questions or would like to find out about the carpets we have available, simply visit us today or give our team a call on 01733 553 565.

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