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Choosing The Perfect Carpet Colour

There’s a lot to look at for when choosing the perfect carpet for your home. You have to ensure you’re happy with the type of fiber, style, quality, pattern, and colour you choose. All of these features will need to co-operate with the design and style of your home for it to look stylish and satisfy your needs. Other issues like the room it’s going in, your personality and décor also play a huge part when it comes to determining the right carpet. Some of the tips here can help you choose the best colour carpet for your home.


Carpet Cleaning Tips1. YOUR LIVING SPACE

A lighter colour shade would work better for you if your house is in such a way that it receives sunlight almost throughout the day. A darker shade is likely to blur and display signs of sun corrosion. A room that receives light can also be balanced with darker colours in order to tone down the high brightness. Another concern with the colours is the size of the room; smaller rooms can look smaller with dim hues while light shades can make a room appear bigger. All these issues are worth considering when selecting the colour of your carpet.



Generally, you should always start with the elements within your room that are highly restricted in choice of colour variety. For your living room, it would be wise if you considered the colour of your sofa first due to the selection of fabric colours being more limited than the colours available for carpets.  This applies to your other rooms too, so you can follow the same suit for your bedroom and other rooms that may need a carpet. If you already have a selection of items purchased for your room, it may be best to take note of the main colour for each item and consider a colour that works alongside the overall colour theme. Paletton is a convenient and helpful tool to match colours that go well together.


Carpet Cleaning



This really affects the colour to choose. A busy home with pets, kids and regular visitors may not go well with brightly coloured carpets due to the huge amount of foot traffic. Such a home would be suitable with darkly shaded carpets that can hide the stains and overall wear caused by regular foot traffic.

You should also consider that it can be expensive to replace carpets many times, it is advisable to stick to colours that are neutral, and not very light, to avoid expenses in the future. You can instead choose brighter colours for less expensive components of a room – this includes wall paintings, bedding and other smaller accent pieces like frame arts and lamps. If you wish to maintain a personality within the neutral colours, you can opt for a great style of textures, such as the cut and loop. This texture provides a character and depth to your carpet and can also keep the carpet from being the main focal point of your room.



Choosing the perfect colour of carpet for your home is not such a daunting process as you may believe. It’s evident that the colour of your carpet can greatly affect the looks of your home, but if you are ever unsure of the right colours, these tips may help you when searching for the right colours that last, suits your desires and make your home look stunning. Please feel free to contact Millwill Furnishers for further advice.

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