Carpet Trends of 2020

Carpet is making a comeback and is a trendy option. Gone are the days where you will have dull, boring carpets, in 2020 it is all about making a simple carpet much more exciting and when you can, making it sustainable. These are 5 popular carpet trends in 2020.



More and more people are becoming conscious about what they buy by making sure it is made in a sustainable way for the environment. This year, carpets made from recycled 

materials or carpets that are able to be recycled are becoming increasingly popular.


patterned carpet

Patterns could be a unique and special touch to the home, even mixing patterns or textures within the room could create a head-turning interior. Carpets nowadays come in a variety of colours and patterns so whatever your style is, there will always be something for you.

Bold Colours

bright colour

Neutral colours are timeless but bold colours are a popular option, especially among young homeowners. These bold colours make a statement and they can look great against minimalistic furniture or other bold, colourful options. 

Neutral Colours 

neutral colour

Neutral colours will never go out of fashion whether it’s a grey or a beige. They will go with almost anything in the home even if you want bold coloured furniture. These colours allow for more freedom when designing the rest of the room as you are much less likely to run into colour clashes.



Carpets come in more than just one texture these days, all sorts of unique designs are available for the home. This can allow you to match your furniture with your carpet, creating a cohesive design.

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