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5 Essential Carpet Buying Tips

Nothing comes close to the comfort and luxurious feel of walking on newly purchased carpet. A carpet is one of the most luxurious ways to protect your floor; not just because the fabric looks welcoming, but also for the comfort it brings. When you are home after a tiring day, a fluffy carpet can make you feel better in seconds as the soft fibres caress your toes and cushion your heels. There is also the protection offered by carpets. The dense fabric acts as a soft landing during falls and keeps children and pets safe as they run around the house.

However, the thousands of carpet choices available in stores can sometimes make it a tad difficult to buy one. Deciding whether a carpet is too thick for your taste or just doesn’t match with your décor, is a much less frustrating and stressful task when you have a clue what to focus on.

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1. Material

The diversity of materials varies from one supplier to another. Carpet fabric influences the durability, appearance and feel of the product. Wool is very high-end since natural materials usually are. The upside of wool is the great heat and noise insulation properties it offers. It is also highly durable.

You can also get a wool-mix carpet where the wool is combined with another synthetic fabric like polyester. Sisal is another option if you want a carpet with natural fibres. Nylon carpets provide homeowners with a broad range of colours and stain resistant treatments. Polyester and polypropylene are other materials from which to select. Know the characteristics of different materials before making the final call.


2. Style

Carpet styles are defined by their pile, which is the top surface. A pile can be woven or tufted. Woven carpets are made using traditional looming techniques, which can be complicated; hence, the high retail costs. Axminster and Wilton are two examples of woven carpets.

Tufted carpets are more common and affordable because the manufacturing process is not labour-intensive. Berber or looped pile, twist, and shag are some of the choices a homeowner has when looking for tufted carpets. Each of these styles has a unique look even when they may appear similar. Pick a style that suits your home and blends in with the rest of the décor.

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3. Location

Different carpets are designed to cater to varying home uses. Consider where the carpet will be placed before buying it. High traffic areas require carpets with dense and durable tufts that can resist stains and tracks. Carpets with long fibres are perfect for trapping dust particles, and these are best suited for the living room.

Bathrooms and kitchens have special carpeting requirements. Besides being very busy, these sections of the home can be wet most of the time. For this reason, carpets with waterproof gel backing are appropriate investments. When furnishing the dining section, think about the potential spillages, not to mention the wear and tear from dining room furniture. For bedrooms, you can get away with luxurious carpets because occupants are barefoot most of the times.


4. Budget

Wide range of CarpetsCarpet prices range from cheap to extravagant, depending on where you shop. Have a reasonable budget before you start carpet shopping because it will keep you in line. You can easily get enticed by the beautiful products on exhibition when you don’t have a plan.

After deciding your budget, find a store that is within your spending requirements. Look for deals, sales and discounts that may get you that carpet you have always wanted without ruining your finances.


5. Maintenance

Even the most durable carpet is a waste of money if it doesn’t receive the proper maintenance. The care and attention to your carpet needs depend on many variables from the material to the length of the pile. Typically, deep piles demand more care than short ones. Some carpet will last a good while with regular home cleaning, but others require professional maintenance. When comparing carpets, ask about the maintenance requirements.


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